About Us

I’m Paul J. DaCosta and I’ve been providing my services for 14 years and counting, helping seniors navigate the world of Medicare so they can find a plan and coverage that fits all their needs.

What I Can Do For You

When you contact me, I learn as much about you as I can because every detail matters when it comes to getting a policy. 

I then take this information and your preferences into account. I make suggestions based on this, and I give you different paths you can take to get better savings.

Do you want extra coverage for costs such as your coinsurances, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs? I can help you get a Medicare Supplement plan. 

Do you prefer a Medicare plan that has Original Medicare coverage and possibly other benefits under one policy? I can get you the Medicare Advantage plan you need.  

I know this business inside and out, and I will make sure you get the coverage you deserve!

Reach Out To Me Today!

As you can see, compassion and dedication to excellence are common themes throughout my service. 

I provide my expertise to individuals in West Coast Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio. So, to get started, give me a call, send me a fax, or send an email, and we can get an appointment booked and can talk about all your Medicare options!