Medicare Advantage

Did you know that you can have inpatient, outpatient, AND prescription drug coverage all within the same plan? Instead of signing up for Part A, Part B, and Part D individually, you can get all of that under a Medicare Advantage Plan!

Get Everything Medicare Offers and More!

Medicare Advantage offers all of the benefits you’d get under the Original Medicare plan, and it doesn’t stop there.

But why get this if it already has all of Original Medicare’s benefits? The answer is simple – you get coverage for the services that Original Medicare won’t cover, such as dental, vision, or hearing coverage. This is bad news if you have chronic issues with one of these. That’s why Medicare Advantage could be a good fit for you!

Medicare Advantage helps your health in ways Original Medicare can’t. Some plans come with other benefits too, like coverage for gym memberships, nutrition and wellness programs, and more.

Get all of your options

It Comes In All Shapes And Sizes!

One of the biggest challenges in finding a policy is finding one that suits you. Luckily, Medicare Advantage has different plans so that you can find a plan that checks all the boxes! Medicare Advantage has plans such as HMOs, PPOs, and Special Needs Plans. Each caters to what you are looking for from your coverage. Do you want a traditional Medicare Advantage Plan? HMO is right up your alley. Would you like to visit any doctor or hospital outside of your plan’s provider network? Look no further than a PPO! If you’re dealing with a chronic and disabling condition, a Special Needs Plan may be exactly what you need.

Regardless of the plan, Paul J. DaCosta Insurance Services can help you get the coverage you need!

Already In Original Medicare?

Making the switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage is easy! From October 15 to December 7 each year, Medicare policyholders have the opportunity to switch to this excellent policy. And then on January 1 of the next year, YOU can get all the coverage features of the plan you made the switch to!

But if you’re not sure you’ll remember this date or any enrollment period, I’ve got you covered. With 14 years of experience under my belt, I know all the ins and outs of Medicare and will help you enroll on time.

Make Medicare Advantage YOUR Advantage!

Do you want a plan with all of Medicare’s features in one convenient package? I am here to help! I’ve been helping clients get their ideal policies for 14 years. If you’re in West Coast Florida, Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio, I can help you sign up for any Medicare plan you want. You can call me today, or send me an email at

It’s time to get the coverage you deserve!