Medicare Explained

Are you new to Medicare, but unsure about where to start? Don’t fret! At Paul J. DaCosta Insurance Services, I give you exactly what you need for you to make an informed choice about which Medicare policy is right for you.

Are You 65 Or Older?

If you’re at this age, you are able to get one of the best health insurance policies a senior can get! You can sign up as early as three months before you turn 65. And once you do that – you have a Medicare plan that can provide the coverage you need! You can even qualify for a Medicare plan before you turn 65 as long as you meet certain criteria.

Now, if you’re curious about how you can qualify for Medicare whether before or after 65, I have all the information you need. Just give me a call today or send me an email and we can get the enrollment process started for you!

Get all of your options

What Do All The Medicare Parts Do?

Part A can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars as it covers your inpatient hospital costs. Many people will even qualify for premium-free Part A, making this a great cost-effective plan. Want to know more about Part A? I’ve got all the answers you need!

Part B is what you get outside the hospital. Medicare covers 80% of your costs here, be it exams, x-rays, checkups, immunizations, and more! Now, with Part A and B combined, you can get what is known as Original Medicare and receive coverage from both parts. Are you interested in getting this combined coverage? Reach out to Paul J. DaCosta Insurance Services to learn the best time to enroll!

With Medicare Advantage (Part C), you can enjoy the benefits of all of Original Medicare’s coverage in just one simple plan! You can also get extra benefits such as dental, vision, AND hearing coverage. If you want to know more about what extra benefits can be added to a Medicare Advantage plan, I have the information you need, so reach out to me today.

Prescription drug coverage is Medicare Part D. Are your current medications costing you an arm and a leg? Medicare Part D can be exactly what you need! This plan will help you find the lowest-cost options for the medications you take, and if your medication isn’t on the list, don’t worry – Medicare will work to find another medication with lower costs and the same results.

If you like the idea of having Original Medicare but would like some extra coverage for out-of-pocket costs, like deductibles or coinsurance, then I can help you find a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan! These ten plans are lettered A through N and have varying coverage. Fortunately, with my 14 years of experience, I can help you identify which of these plans would fit your needs best!

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