PPO Plans

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are one of the many choices you have for Medicare Advantage. It’s unique for its approach to saving on healthcare costs, and its flexibility relative to other Medicare Advantage plans. 

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Have It All!

Medicare Advantage as a whole offers the most comprehensive coverage. But what about PPO plans? What would make them ideal for you?

The answer is simple: PPO plans have everything Original Medicare does, plus more! You get your inpatient coverage for when you go to the hospital, outpatient coverage for when you get treatments outside the hospital setting, AND prescription drug coverage! You can get all of these without having to sign up for separate plans.

You also get such perks as coverage for dental, vision, and hearing care.

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Get all of your options

Save Money With Preferred Providers!

Preferred providers are healthcare professionals within your specific coverage network, and you will save the most when you see these preferred providers for your care. This also works to your advantage because this translates to consistent treatment from a professional. Your quality of treatment will only improve over time, as your provider will devise the most effective treatment strategy for you.

PPO Plans Give You Freedom!

PPO plans set themselves apart from other Medicare Advantage plans yet again with how they enable you to get your coverage. Do you need to see a specialist? You can see one right away, without needing a physician’s referral! You don’t even have to choose a primary care physician. The choice is yours. Another feature is the freedom you have in where you can seek coverage. Even though these plans have preferred provider networks, you can still go to any doctor you please that accepts Medicare!

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